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an imageYou have found the web site of Shane Hartman and Kathy Svoboda: a place where we can share some information about ourselves with our friends, family and the occasional lost googler. You can learn more about Shane Hartman and Kathy Svoboda. our cats or Shane Hartman's ancestry .  If you need to contact us, you can do that here.  Check out Kathy Svoboda's underwater photography or some of our other slideshows.  We hope you enjoy your stay.  Y'all come back now.

Myspace? Yeah I had one.  Facebook too.

In case you are wondering about the origin of the web site name, here is the short story:

Virtually every domain name I liked was taken, so I wrote a a program to randomly select and test words from the Jargon File, a dictionary of ancient geek speak.  The first word it found that was not taken by a domain name was bogometer.  What is a bogometer?

bogometer: /boh·gom'·@t·er/, n.
  A notional instrument for measuring bogosity. Compare the Troll-O-Meter and the ‘wankometer’ described in the wank entry; see also bogus.

No doubt you feel enlightened now...